Opioids, often called painkillers, are a type of drug commonly used to treat patients that are suffering from acute pain.


There is a great misconception when it comes to the safety of these medications, and the misuse of mind-altering substances has become so widespread in the U.S. that youths and teens are using them and mixing them with other drugs and/or alcohol.


In fact, 7 out of 10 teens say they combine Rx opioids with other substances, putting them at much greater risk of overdose.


Walnut Street Production, 101 Films, and MS Films are all Florida-based production companies uniting to create a documentary that informs the public about the opioid epidemic and those struggling with it.  



Our documentary, “Stigma of Addiction,” will also tell the stories of parents and siblings affected by the issue. Our aim is to also help others recognize the symptoms.


The delusion that medicines are a safer drug is disturbingly common among the younger generations, and the proper information needs to be disseminated; every day, an alarming number of young people are developing serious addictions and, consequently, a great deal of them are also dying from overdoses.


Some teens may use these drugs to deal with stress, since they aren't well informed of the risks, while others use it to get the "high" feeling that other street drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine, provide. 

The issue is widespread – in 2016, the National Study on Drug use and health reported that 1 in 10 people struggle with some level of substance use, including addiction to prescription drugs.


Walnut Street Production, 101 Films, and MS Films have created a variety of different projects, including feature films, TV series, docudramas, and documentaries.


The goal now is to dive deep into this topic by gathering information from law enforcement professionals, mental health professionals, medical experts and victim/users, etc. The aim is to factually tell the stories of the affected, provide an authentic history of the events, spread an instructive message, and further create an outstanding film that will reflect alluringly the significance of this subject.